8 Best Thanksgiving 2021 Memes and GIFs: Relatable and Funny Memes to Share

8 Best Thanksgiving 2021 Memes and GIFs: Relatable and Funny Memes to Share
People around the country are looking forward to a shorter workweek as Thanksgiving 2021 falls on Thursday. Here are Thanksgiving GIFs and the best Thanksgiving memes for 2021.
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Everyone has had that Friday vibe all week because it's the day before Thanksgiving 2021.

People around the country are looking forward to a shorter workweek as Thanksgiving 2021 falls on Thursday, November 25th.

Enjoying themselves and spending time away from the office, whether spending it with family and friends, cooking something wonderful in the kitchen, or taking part in holiday customs and festivities.

However, some people have to work during the Thanksgiving holiday, so treat everyone with extra kindness.

Thanksgiving 2021 Opening Meme

Starting the holidays with the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Everybody could relate to this adorable dog running into the short weekend like...

Looks like Mr. Crabs is also counting the days from the start of the week until Friday.

And on another note, some of us just want to chill like this dog.

Some might be feeling this GIF to the core:

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is observed as a national holiday in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November.

It commemorates the harvest and other benefits of the previous year.

Thanksgiving is thought to be based on a harvest feast shared in 1621 by English colonists (Pilgrims) of Plymouth and the Wampanoag people.

The name of this American celebration is associated with several tales and ceremonies. Turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie are all part of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

It's one of the busiest holidays, with the family getting together to share a full meal.

Best Thanksgiving Memes

Every household probably is serving the same animal, the symbol of Thanksgiving, Turkey.


Good chaos for Thanksgiving to spice things up when things get peaceful.

When tired, just remember Thanksgiving is here:


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Black Friday After Thanksgiving

According to KSDK, Black Friday is no longer simply about getting a good deal the day after Thanksgiving, or standing in line for hours outside a store, hoping to be the first in line for that year's must-have toy.

Deals and savings have started appearing earlier in recent years, and this year is no exception, owing to widespread supply chain challenges and shortages.

However, shops are continuing to follow the retail holiday tradition of offering bargains on Black Friday, November 26.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have long been considered the official start of the Christmas shopping season, as well as the time of year when customers begin to focus on holiday spending.

For nearly a decade, that official launch has been moving closer to Thanksgiving, cutting into time people used to spend around the holiday table, giving Black Friday its moniker, as in the time of year when businesses were "in the black."

However, this year's pandemic Christmas shopping season is different than previous years.

According to the USA Today, due to continuous supply chain constraints, buyers should expect fewer offers, more items out of stock, and shipment delays.

This year, more buyers are likely to visit stores for Black Friday than last year's, which was the "quietest in 20 years" as real-life foot traffic plunged, owing to pandemic worries.

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