How Electric Skateboards Can Make Your Daily Commute Easier

How electric skateboards can make your daily commute easier
Photo : How electric skateboards can make your daily commute easier

Let's go straight to the point: being stuck in traffic is not fun! In America's most populous cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, people lose over 100 hours per year to traffic congestion. Many people in the major metropolitan areas in the USA are adopting an electric longboard skateboard or other personal electric vehicles as their main means of transportation, leaving cars or motorcycles behind.


Congestion Costs U.S. Cities Billions Every Year

You can use a motorized skateboard to go to work, uni or even just to go to the supermarket or the shops in your suburb. You will feel its benefits in your pocket, body and mind. Here are 5 reasons why using an electric skateboard will make your daily commute easier.

1.   Save money

Think about the amount of money you will save when using an alternative commuting option. Recent research  shows that having a car costs roughly $5,264.58 every year in the USA, considering the average costs for car payments, gas, car insurance, parking, and replacement parts.

Many people use their car even to go shopping on the corner, but does it make sense? Why use the car and waste fuel if we can go there by riding an electric skateboard? Certainly, the less you use the car and the more the electric skateboard, you will see the impact of this reflected in the bills at the end of the month.

2.   Save time

Commuting on an electric skateboard is a fast option if you want to leave your car at home. On average, Americans spend 100 hours per year stuck in tailbacks. Just to put it into perspective, 100 hours/year is the same as 2.5 weeks off work or walking through Central Park 100 times.


3.   Improve mental well-being

Riding an electric skateboard can release tension and anxiety. The feeling of the breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin is priceless. E-skating in the open air increases the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormone. Therefore, after riding an e-skate, it is possible to experience a pleasant feeling of satisfaction due to increased blood irrigation of the brain.

It is a fact that using a motorized skateboard as a mode of transport reduces stress - a lot. It's an activity that puts your mind into the moment, and it doesn't require a lot of concentration. While skating, we can simply forget about everything for a moment.


4.   Help the environment

According to the United Nations, the use of cars or any other fossil fuel vehicles, in general, is responsible for almost a quarter of the emissions of gases that are harmful to the environment. More specifically, fine particles and ozone generated by traffic congestion are one of the main causes of pollution in cities, along with industry, rail freight. More and more people are realizing that the use of a clear mode of transport is no longer a choice but a necessity to improve our lives and to combat climate change.

Besides the poor air quality, the space dedicated for car parking is also not helpful for green urban planning development. For example, in New York City, the amount of road space reserved for parking is roughly 12x the size of Central Park. More parking space means fewer places for outdoor entertainment and gatherings.

5.   Improve social relations and make new friends

Yes! Riding an electric skateboard improves our social relationships. The board is an excellent and easy way to start a conversation as people are curious about electric longboard skateboard specs, for example.

There is a massive community of people on the internet who use personal electric vehicles, from electric skateboards to e-scooters. On social media platforms like Facebook, riders organise group rides and competitions. It is an easy way to connect with those who share the same hobby as you!

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