The LF Intelligence NOVABOT Goes to the Head of the Class

The LF Intelligence NOVABOT Goes to the Head of the Class
Photo : The LF Intelligence NOVABOT Goes to the Head of the Class

Intelligence counts. We've got a smartphone, a smart thermostat, a smart refrigerator and a smart TV. It's time to replace the old gas-powered push lawn mower, so we've decided to upgrade its education, as well. "Why not go straight to the Ivy League?" my partner asks. Why not, indeed. A visionary team from the University of Pennsylvania's robotics lab just launched a smart self-driving mower - NOVABOT. Who exactly is this landscape prodigy and what are its credentials? 

NOVABOT is the brainchild of PhD engineer Caio Mucchiani and a core team of like-minded scientists, artificial intelligence specialists and manufacturing experts. They all connected through GRASP Lab, the university's acclaimed incubation hub. That acronym stands for General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception. Led by world-famous scientist Dean Vijay Kumar, this frothy collaboration between academia and industry has been pushing the envelope in consumer robotics technology for over 42 years. 

Caio Mucchiani and his team formed the start-up LF Intelligence. NOVABOT's genesis is the result of their shared dedication to improve our lives and the environment. Imagine a lawn robot that not only frees you from the drudgery of mowing the grass, but does so quietly, efficiently, and with zero carbon emissions. Equipped with a panoramic HD camera and an industry-leading algorithmic system, NOVABOT literally has its own eyes and brain. We're talking about the same state-of-the-art technology that's used in self-driving cars. This sounds pretty smart so far, but I want to learn more. 

Visually, NOVABOT is sleek, compact and unobtrusive. Can it really replace my big clunker traditional mower taking up precious space in the garage? After a deep dive into the specs and a trial run, the answer is definitely yes. With its 24V high performance battery, mighty brushless motor, all-terrain tires, and stainless steel blades, this 22 pound powerhouse is no toy. It will mow continuously for 3 hours, return independently to its docking station for a charge, and, if necessary, pick up the task exactly where it left off. It maps my property, effortlessly maneuvers around obstacles, and cuts the grass in straight lines with 100% efficiency. 

While I adore new technology, if you're like me you hate the learning curve required by most unfamiliar products. LF Intelligence has gone out of its way to make NOVABOT something your grandmother could set up by herself. I'm really not kidding here. Take it out of its box, download the app, plug it in, and define the working area with a few simple clicks. That's it. No wires, cables or prep work. 

And here's an unexpected bonus. NOVABOT doubles as a home security system. I know, I couldn't believe it either, but it's true. If an intruder or unknown object enters the yard, NOVABOT notifies my phone that there's suspicious activity. Out of all my smart devices, NOVABOT goes to the head of the class. It does everything LF Intelligence says it does, and more. 

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