4 Most Unique Phones of 2021: From Wendy's Smartphone to Caviar Space Trek

4 Most Unique Phones of 2021: From Wendy's Smartphone to Caviar Space Trek
Aside from the buzz and the explosive popularity of the iPhone 13 and the Samsung flip phone, here are the weirdest phones 2021 which include: OnePlus Nord 2, and Wendy's Phone. Photo : Josh Edelson/ Getty Images

Without a doubt, the iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S21, and Google Pixel 6 are among the greatest phones of 2021.

However, they're simply minor enhancements over last year's top smartphones. Even though flagships have lost their wow factor, phone makers are still having a good time on the periphery.

Wendy's Phone

At the top of the list for weird phones of 2021 would be the Wendy's smartphone.

The Wendy's restaurant chain unveiled the first Wendy's-branded smartphone last September to the Canadian market, which they can win through a Twitter contest.

According to PCMag, Wendy's has a limited-edition phone on the menu, alongside frosty shakes and square burgers.

This was plainly a gimmick, offered as part of a promotion to persuade Canadian consumers to download the chain restaurant's mobile app.

With a 6.4-inch HD screen, three rear-facing cameras, and a fingerprint sensor on the back, the bright-red handset is completely working.

The most amazing feature is that it comes with its own voice assistant.

To ask a question, set an alarm, or seek directions, simply say "Hey, Wendy," and the phone will react in the same snarky tone that has made its Twitter account so popular.

Redmi K40 Bruce Lee Edition

Secondly, one of the most unique phones of 2021 would be the Bruce Lee phone by Redmi.

In its own right, the Redmi K40 is a curious beast.

Xiaomi's sub-brand is known for its uninspiring affordable and mid-range phones.

The K40, on the other hand, is a dedicated gaming phone with a 120Hz display and 480Hz touch sampling rates, HDR10+ display, and a 5,000mAh all-day battery.

It also incorporates shoulder buttons, similar to those found on a console controller.

According to TechRadar, the Bruce Lee Edition, on the other hand, adds an added layer of an oddity. The handset is yellow with a black stripe, similar to the king of Kung fu's iconic costume in 1978's Game of Death, for no apparent reason other than it looks great.

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The phone also comes with a wallpaper displaying the actor's image and has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Caviar Space Trek: God of Fire

The third of the weirdest phones for 2021 is the Space Trek smartphone by Caviar.

China successfully landed its first rover on Mars in May.

With that, Caviar launched its Space Trek Collection to commemorate the occasion.

This is made up of three Huawei Mate 40 Pros, each of which is pouring in gold and ornate finishes, as are most Caviar modifications.

The God of Fire model, on the other hand, is truly out of this world.

It has an 18-carat dragon decal as well as a mechanical clock. Not only that, but the clock also incorporates a piece of a Martian meteorite.

It's maybe unsurprising that only eight of these phones exist in the world, with each costing $28,000.

OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Edition

Last on the list would be the Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.

Surprisingly enough, the Pac-man edition has received a lot of praise for providing good specifications at a low cost.

Furthermore, OnePlus designed a passionate homage to an arcade classic in collaboration with games producer Bandai Namco.

It all starts with a Pac-Man decal on the device's rear, which illuminates in the dark and reveals a holographic maze design. But this isn't just a reskin; OnePlus has also made the user experience more gamified.

Moreover, users can obtain stuff starring the chomping mascot by completing challenges scattered throughout the settings, in addition to animated wallpaper and logos inspired by the game.

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