What Does AAA or Triple-A Game Mean

What Does AAA or Triple-A Game Mean?
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Every year there are hundreds or even thousands of games created around the world. There are many online platforms that facilitate them, one of which is Gamivo which is a well-known online gaming platform. Of course the various games are not the same as each other. They can be divided into several levels, one of which is the so-called AAA. AAA games have attracted a lot of attention in the last decade. The games are not ordinary games. They can even be compared to legendary Box Office movies. Why? Because the funds needed to make an AAA game can be compared to the funds needed to make a high-budget film like Titanic or Spiderman. If you are interested in AAA games then read this article till the end. Don't miss a word! 

What defines a game to be classified as AAA? Check out the explanation here

You gamers must often hear the term AAA game (read: triple-A), but do you understand the meaning behind the three letters. I myself initially thought AAA was an abbreviation, but it's not! Let's peel the ins and outs of the AAA game.

AAA game definition

AAA game is a classification for a game with a very large production budget (usually above US$50-100 million), both in terms of production and distribution scale. Usually games labeled with AAA are produced or distributed by well-known game publishers, for example, game publishers who are quite familiar, Rockstar Games with the Grand Theft Auto series or Naughty Dog with the The Last of Us series.

Factors that make a game labeled an AAA game

Like Hollywood films with blockbuster labels, the game industry has an AAA label. So what factors make a game labeled AAA like a blockbuster?

Actually there is no official standard, but usually Triple A games have a budget with a minimum budget of around $50,000,000. Fantastic numbers! Yeah, this is one of the reasons why you should buy the original game to appreciate the hard work of the many people who have fought behind it.

Well, a budget of that size is a financial illustration of how AAA games will be produced and distributed.

Why is the budget so big?

AAA games are usually produced with the latest graphics technology engines and tools to fulfill all desired aspects, such as visual and audio aspects, which are certainly not cheap. All of that is needed to support the game design that has been agreed upon by the party in charge from the start.

The main goal is to produce an enjoyable gaming experience. But of course there are many other aspects to be achieved through this technology, such as producing realistic visualizations.

Yes, this is more or less the technology used by Ubisoft Toronto

For distribution, AAA games usually use various promotional channels to reach the global market, for example, Sony promoted their Days Gone in Japan some time ago by advertising on television and localizing the game content and advertisements in Japanese.

Apart from various factors of production and distribution, don't forget that there are still human resources. Usually AAA games are made by hundreds of people involving various divisions within the company. This also does not rule out the involvement of hundreds or thousands of people outside the company (outsourced) given the wide promotional channels. In short an AAA game is a giant project that involves so many people with various skills and of course also a lot of funds to facilitate it all. If there was an award for the greatest games of all time, AAA games would dominate the award. They are the highest form of achievement in the gaming world and every one of them is phenomenal.


Although the budget issued is very large, not all AAA games are guaranteed to be successful, for example, recently Fallout 76 or Anthem which received a lot of negative criticism. But regardless of the success or failure of a game, a game with the AAA label will attract the attention of many people to buy or at least be aware of the existence of the game (thanks to its massive promotion). Enlightened? Thank you for reading this article!

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