What Is UltraRAM: Have Scientists Created Unlimited Memory Storage for PCs, Gaming Consoles?

What Is UltraRAM: Has Scientists Created Unlimited Memory Storage for PCs, Gaming Consoles?
A study about an UltraRAM has been proven effective by researchers, paving the way for a possible unlimited storage RAM. The RAM also has the capability to store data storage of up to 1,00 years.
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A study about the breakthrough in the mass production of UltraRAM has been published by the scientists of the Physics and Engineering Department of the UK's Lancaster University.

What is the UltraRAM?

For a long time, the concept of integrating memory and storage into a single component has always been of interest in the scientific field.

However, it was never close to becoming a reality until now, where things are about to shift with the discovery.

A new idea that would combine RAM and storage into a single piece of hardware in their study on the UltraRAM, has been published by the Scientists from Lancaster University's Physics and Engineering Department, as per Digital Trends.

The researchers stated that they are extremely close to building an UltraRAM than they think they are.

UltraRAM is a type of memory that incorporates the non-volatility of a data storage memory, such as flash, with the speed, energy efficiency, and endurance of working memory, such as DRAM.

The newly discovered RAM is a viable candidate for future use as universal memory since it combines the non-volatility of traditional data storage memory with the speed and endurance of RAM.

The UltraRAM Innovation

TechRadar reported that there have been multiple attempts in making this same invention for years now, however, none of them have been as successful as this one.

Intel attempted to produce a powerful RAM known as the Intel Optane, however, it was withdrawn from the PC consumers market last year.

So, as the capabilities of neither resistive RAM, magnetoresistive RAM nor phase-change memory have been able to efficiently deliver their promise

When it comes to the performance of the UltraRAM, it is looking auspicious to the consumers.

Researchers state that switching energy that is orders of magnitude lower than DRAM and flash allows the memory storage to be efficient even with data collected for 1,000 years.

PC and gaming console enthusiasts and artists would be thrilled in the possibility that UltraRAM will be able to hit the market at a competitive price, encouraging rapid and widespread adoption, according to the authors of the study.

They are currently working to further optimize the fabrication process and make other changes.

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The Benefits of UltraRam

Furthermore, the UltraRAM is also coupled with its fast switching speed and program-erase cycling endurance, which makes it a one-of-a-kind technology that is envisioned to break the divide between RAM and storage.

In a PC, this would involve getting a large amount of UltraRAM, say 2TB, fulfill both RAM and storage requirements.

As a result, users could theoretically use it as a one-stop solution to meet these currently disparate needs.

According to Tom's Hardware, the innovation of this new technology to push forth the standard of in-memory processing, given if successfully implemented in the mass market.

The researchers were pleased with the headline silicon mass-production achievement of UltraRAM to make it accessible, but this economic component remains to be observed.

Even if the researchers are in the process of working towards tailoring the new discovery, there is still a huge chance that the potential adoption rate and revolutionary effect will be hampered if it is not priced competitively.

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