GlassTesla: A combo of wearable technology and electric car rolled into one app

By Randell Suba , Jul 02, 2013 07:51 AM EDT

People with Google Glass who happen to drive a Tesla Model S are in for a treat. A new app called GlassTesla was launched July 1 and it can enhance the cool factor of both the Glass and the electric car.  

GlassTesla is a Google Glass app that combines the technology of an electric vehicle to the functionality of a wearable technology device. It allows one to view and control certain aspects of the Tesla vehicle.

The GlassTesla will allow Glassholes who own a Tesla Model S electric car to check the location of the vehicle, monitor the temperature and adjust climate controls, start or stop the charging of the batteries and lock or unlock the car.

The Google Glass app can also help the owner to lock or unlock the trunk, doors and sunroof of the vehicle. It can also flash the headlamps and honk the horn of the zero-emission vehicle for the owner.

The developer of the Google-Tesla app is Sahas Katta, founder of an online service company called Pepperdeck that allows restaurant owners to create websites in a matter of minutes.

"I just happened to be fortunate enough to have access to Google Glass and a Tesla Model S so I decided to put the two together! I wanted to truly highlight the potential of how wearable computing can have a role in our everyday lives," explained Katta in an email exchange with Digital Trends.

"While both the Model S and Glass are out of reach for the masses, it won't be the case within a year or so from now," he added.

Katta related that he did not get any help from Tesla Motors in developing GlassTesla. In fact, he is not sure if the electric vehicle manufacturer will ask him to shut down the project.

In a Tesla Motors online forum discussion Kata revealed that he can also access the speed data and the compass heading of the Tesla electric car but cannot do anything with them since the Google Glass does not have a real-time API.

To install the GlassTesla app, users will need to give it permission using their Google account and sign in using Tesla account credentials.

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