Glympse location-sharing app gets Evernote integration

Popular real-time location sharing service Glympse has announced a deal with Evernote that will allow users to archive their location broadcasts in a special folder. For now, only Android devices will have access to the new feature, but Glympse says that iOS integration will be arriving in the not-too-distant future. 

The announcement is sure to please many Glympse users. Previously, it was only possible to log a few hours worth of trails on the app. The company says it received numerous requests to provide a feature that would allow users to save a snapshot of their journey for later viewing and the deal with Evernote will provide exactly that.

"Many of our users have requested a way to save a snapshot of their Glympse map trails so they can view road trips, keep runs and bike rides, archive a special trip abroad, or just remember an interesting location. We wanted to make this feature simple and easy," said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. "Evernote is the perfect solution: users retain complete control over how they share their location and can choose to save their trips to their personal Evernote account for review at a later date."

Glympse trail data will be stored in a folder called "My Glympse Trails," which is accessed through the Evernote Trunk in the Lifestyle and Travel section. Users will have the option to automatically broadcast data from Glympse to Evernote and the company says that sharing will work more or less the same as it does with Twitter and Facebook.

The company says that it chose to work with Evernote over similar apps like Google Keep and Springpad because the two apps share a common thread.

"Evernote helps people remember their lives, and a big part of living is traveling from place to place. With Glympse, those trips can be recorded alongside an Everote's users other memories. It's a natural fit," said Rafe Needleman, director of developer relations.

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