Microsoft showing soon-to-be-replaced Acer Windows tablet compared to an iPad mini (Opinion) (Video)

Microsoft loves to point out why consumers should choose a slate running its tablet OS over the iPad. The company is at it again, and this time it's attacking the iPad mini and not using the best candidate.

Microsoft hasn't been shy about who its target audience is when it comes to tablets it sells running a version of its Windows operating system. The company feels that both its Windows RT and Windows 8-based tablets are superior to iPads in many ways. Microsoft's latest ad campaign for Windows 8 centers around comparing an Acer tablet that is going to be refreshed in a few weeks with the iPad mini. The videos are clever and mark Microsoft's latest attempt of trying to convince us Windows tablets are better than iPads. We now get to enjoy a mini tablet fight between Siri and an Acer Iconia W3 tablet.

Microsoft might have considered using a different tablet for this ad, since Acer is believed to be releasing an updated version of this slate in September due to retailer complaints of cheap design and sub-par screen. The commercial opens with Siri striking up a conversation with the Acer Windows 8 tablet by acknowledging the fact that it also comes in a similar "mini" form factor. Soon, Siri is blown away by the fact that the Windows tablet can play Halo.

The Windows 8 user then opens up Outlook on the Acer tablet and Siri asks if it has full Outlook and Office? Naturally, it does, and Siri compliments it for being a "real PC."  The commercial ends with Siri asking the Acer tablet to just go back to reading - they began the commercial reading, and Siri wanted to end it with reading.  Microsoft then highlights that the Acer Iconia W3 costs $299 for a 32GB model, while the iPad mini comes in at $429 for the same storage capacity.

Microsoft might have picked a different tablet to star in its latest commercial. Acer originally priced the tablet at $380, but dropped it to $299 due to poor sales and high return rates. It was also reportedly a way for the company to get rid of extra inventory of the current generation tablets, since it is planning to introduce an updated model in September. The refreshed version is expected to address many of the complaints the original tablet received, such as its mediocre display and cheap body build. Microsoft might want to rethink its casting strategy, however, especially since Acer will be releasing a new model and Apple is expected to launch a refreshed iPad mini sometime in the fall.

It still is a funny commercial that Microsoft is using as its latest attack on the iPad, only this time it's moved on to the iPad mini. Check out the video below.


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