Nokia Lumia 920 gets stereo recording capabilities post Amber update

Nokia fans who are eagerly waiting for the Amber update will be pleased to learn that it will bring stereo recording capabilities to the Lumia 920.

The Finnish company seems ready to push the Amber update to devices, adding new features, enhancements and capabilities. The Nokia Lumia 920 is set to get the update.

"The Nokia Amber update will bring more than the new Glance screen and tap to unlock to the Nokia Lumia 920. It will also bring stereo audio recording in videos to the handset, which so far has only been able to record in mono, despite having 3 HAAC microphones," reports WMPoweruser.

YouTube user "hrabiamol" installed a leaked version of the Amber update on his Lumia 920 and uploaded a few videos (using the Nokia Pro Cam app) that show off the stereo sound feature.

Once the Amber update has been installed on the Lumia 920, users will be required to install the Nokia Pro Cam app to enable recording in stereo. The Lumia 920 apparently has three high amplitude audio capture microphones, as MyNokiaBlog points out.

"According to the datasheet, there are not simply two but three high amplitude audio capture microphones. Until now only one has been active for recording video (and secondary for noise cancelling?)," notes the publication.

The Amber update is also set to bring several new features and upgrades, which include FM radio support and camera enhancements. It will also support always-on clock and tap-to-unlock wake up capabilities for the Lumia 920.

The Amber update from Nokia is a part of a series which has been planned for its Lumia smartphones and will build on the GDR2 update for Windows 8. Microsoft's GDR2 update brings several updates such as Data Sense to the WP8 platform, whereas Nokia's Amber update is the Finnish company's own "value addition" to the GDR2 and will also bring features such as Glance Screen and Peek.

The Amber update is also set to bring superior color, image quality enhancements, faster burst shorts, ISO support for speeds up to 3200 and more.

To compare the differences between the mono and stereo sounds on the Lumia 920, check out both videos below. The first one was recorded in mono and the second clip in stereo.

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