iPhone 5C put through torture test before official announcement, find out how it did (Video)

A new video has been posted of the blue iPhone 5C, revealing some new details about the smartphone and how it holds up in a torture test.

The closer we get to Apple's rumored September 10 iPhone event you can bet that leaks about what the company is going to announce will only increase. Apple has been rumored for years to introduce a low-cost iPhone so it could better compete with Android. The smartphone was initially referred to as the 'iPhone mini' on tech sites for the last couple of years. Earlier this year two names began to appear online when referring to the device. After it was revealed to have the same 4-inch display of the iPhone 5, it was called "low-cost iPhone" and "budget-iPhone". A few weeks ago a new name came into play and it now looks like Apple will officially call the smartphone the iPhone 5C when it unveils the handset on September 10.

We've seen multiple leaks of the smartphone's brightly colored plastic case and since things will only intensify up to its announcement, images are now being replaced with video of the iPhone 5C's case. Apple Daily has posted a video of the blue iPhone 5C's case and it reveals some interesting information on the upcoming handset. We're shown the device's dimensions using a digital caliper, and then we get to see the case put through a torture test to show its durability. We also see what appears to be the iPhone 5S' case, complete with its pill-shaped window for the smartphone's dual-LED flash and it appears to be covered in some type of blue coating.

The iPhone 5C is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 due to its plastic rear casing. The budget iPhone measures 124.55 mm tall x 59.13 mm wide and 8.98mm thick, which is on par with the dimensions of case manufacturers' design drawings.

We're soon shown how durable the case is when it's put it a bag with coins and a key while shaking it. After it comes out with no scratches, the person in the video takes the key to the case and tries to scratch it. The site notes that there were no visible scratches on the case and its sources have told them that the shell scores a "high 8H" on the pencil hardness test.

If this is in fact the iPhone 5C's case, it's good to know that it will be very durable. Last year Apple faced criticism just days after it launched the iPhone 5 due to customers complaining that the smartphone's painted aluminum case began to chip. Apple acknowledged the issue and claimed it was normal and that any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color.

Amore durable iPhone 5C sounds exciting but as always, it's best to file these reports in the rumor category until Apple makes things official.

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