iPad mini 2's outer shell leaks, nothing different than the original iPad mini

Leaked images of the outer shell of the upcoming iPad mini 2 suggest that it won't be anything different than the original iPad mini.

Apple launched the iPad mini in Oct. 2012 and soon the device became one of the most popular tablets in the market. Rumors of the next-generation iPad mini 2 have been surfacing in the tablet space for quite some time. Many tablet enthusiasts will hope that the upcoming iPad mini 2 will be improved and different when compared to the original iPad mini.

The company may definitely bump up the hardware specifications of the iPad mini 2 but the exterior may still look the same.

"The rear housing looks virtually the same and we're looking at an iPad mini with cellular connectivity here as you have the top of the rear shell of the device covered with a strip plastic, a feature designed to allow better signal throughput. Speaking of unchanged design, we are not seeing anything new. The separate volume buttons, the rear camera location, the stereo speakers on the bottom and the new Lightning port are all where they were in the original iPad mini," reports Phone Arena.

The Phone Arena report points out that the leaked images of the iPad mini 2 from Sonny Dickson seem "credible" and Apple will not change the design of the tablet.

The iPad mini was quite popular with tablet users; however, the device received some criticism for the lack of Retina display. Many rumors point out that the next-gen iPad mini 2 will not only have Retina display, but it would be better. Customers may also see a powerful processor in the iPad mini 2.

Apple is expected to plan an event on Sept. 10 but speculations suggest that the next-generation iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C will make their appearances at the event. However, tablet enthusiasts may soon see the upgraded version of the iPad mini 2 along with iPad 5 in October this year.

The Cupertino-based company has not yet confirmed any details of either its iPhones or iPads. In conclusion, we will have to wait until the iDevices are actually released to see if the iPad mini 2 has the same outer shell as the original iPad mini.  

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