Next-Generation Microsoft and Nokia tablets appear in AdDuplex's log

According to an AdDuplex report, the next-generation Microsoft and Nokia tablets have appeared on their internal logs.

A recent AdDuplex report claims that Microsoft's Surface RT remains the most popular Windows RT tablet around. Recently, the company reduced the price of the Surface RT tablet in a move likely aiming to sell off the excess stock before launching the next-generation of the device.

"We don't have any deep details but we regularly see devices named Microsoft Corporation Surface 2 and Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro. The first one definitely looks like a new device, but the second one theoretically could be just a change in what Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 installed reports. That said, as far as we can tell, the preview version of 8.1 didn't change the reported string. So it's either the RTM (or just a later build) that did that or it's a new version of Surface Pro altogether," reports AdDuplex.

Microsoft released the Surface RT tablet in Oct. 2012 and if rumors are to be believed then the next-generation tablet will launch in October this year along with Windows 8.1.

Rumors of a 10.1-inch Nokia tablet have also been consistently appearing online. A leaked image of the rumored Nokia tablet emerged recently bearing Verizon's logo. However, the company has not confirmed if it's planning to launch a new Windows RT-based tablet soon.

AdDuplex also reports that a number of Nokia devices running on Windows RT have appeared in their logs.

"The earliest sighting was back in early October, 2012. The device was named RX-107. Then we've seen RX-108. And then RX-113, 114, 115, 116," reports AdDuplex.

Nokia is said to be planning an event on Sept. 26 - 27 in New York where the company is expected to launch its tablets along with the rumored Bandit phablet.

Tablet enthusiasts will be eagerly waiting to get their hands on the upcoming tablets from various manufactures. We will now have to wait for Microsoft and Nokia to officially launch their Windows RT tablets as soon as possible.

It will be interesting to see which Windows RT-based tablet attracts more customers and take the lead in the highly competitive tablet space.

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