Top 5 Mac OS X Mavericks features (Opinion)

Apple is preparing to launch the new OS X Mavericks, which is now widely believed to debut at the company's Oct. 22 event. 

The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2  will be announced at the event, while updated MacBook Pro laptops and Mac OS X Mavericks are expected to be available immediately after their unveiling. Mac OS X Mavericks brings some new and innovative features to OS X. Some of the new features will feel familiar to iOS users, as Apple continues to blur the lines between its desktop and mobile OS.

I updated to the latest Golden Master of OS X Mavericks on my 11-inch MacBook Air and wanted to highlight some of Mavericks' best features and why you may want to take the plunge and update your Mac to the new OS as well.

1.   Apple has added a feature to Mavericks that is currently found in a few popular Finder replacement apps. You'll now be able to add tabs to Finder and drag and drop in a more productive and intuitive way.  You can also easily tag things, so you're always organized, even if you're not.

2.   Safari has been given a makeover that is clean and fresh and it also has a noticeable speed increase compared to previous versions. Apple claims that Safari in Mavericks uses less energy than Chrome and Firefox and can greatly enhance battery life.

3.   Battery life has also improved noticeably since upgrading to OS X Mavericks. A new feature called App Nap increases battery life by reducing processing power to any apps that are in the background and not in view by the user. Once brought back to view they automatically run at full speed.

4.   iBooks is now a Mac app.  If you prefer reading your iBooks on a display larger than your iPad, your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini now gain access to Apple's bookstore and e-reader application, allowing you to easily read your iBooks content content on a Mac.

5.   OS X now includes Apple Maps. Apple Maps have improved since its initial release in iOS 6. The company has dramatically improved its Map application in iOS 7 and it's now available to Mac users. You'll now be able to enjoy the 3F Flyover feature that makes Apple's mapping app one of the best.

Apple is expected to release Mac OS X Mavericks on Oct. 22, after its media event, through the Mac App Store. The new OS will probably be priced around $20. We'll be bringing you all the latest news, so stay tuned.

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