Apple's "Misunderstood" iPhone 5s commercial shows how connecting rather than bashing rivals is the best advertisement (Video)

Apple shows companies such as Microsoft the right way to make commercials to advertise its products and the features they're capable of.

When Microsoft began running commercials for its Surface tablets or other devices running Windows 8 and Windows RT, the company always focused on a Windows tablet competing with an iPad. The commercials always followed the same script of showing how inferior an iPad is compared to tablets powered by Windows. The company also mocked Apple's virtual assistant Siri, pointing out that the iPad was not capable of doing all of the tricks the tablet to the left was capable of. Microsoft always ended the commercials with Siri admitting defeat for not being able to do what a Surface or ASUS tablet was capable of.

Microsoft spent millions of dollars on these advertisements and thought it was a great way to educate consumers on how superior tablets running Windows 8 or Windows RT were compared to iPads. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the millions it spent has never translated into increased sales of tablets powered by its OS compared to the iPad.

Apple's latest holiday-themed iPhone 5s commercial, titled "Misunderstood," has started airing just in time for Christmas and shows other tech companies how to make an ad that connects with an audience, while also demonstrating the features of the device being advertised.

In "Misunderstood" we're given a glimpse into the Harris family's holiday activities, secretly documented by a young member of the family using an iPhone 5s. The teenage boy captures his family members doing what most families do during the holidays: baking and decorating Christmas cookies, having snowball fights with family members, going sleigh riding, building a snowman, hanging out with extended family, and decorating a Christmas tree. We see the teenage boy using his iPhone 5s, but we're never shown what he's actually doing.

When the Harris' begin to open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning, the teenager gets up and turns on the television while the whole family is in the middle of exchanging gifts. Their attention is then shifted to the TV and the Harris family and everyone watching the commercial gets to see what the boy had been doing with his iPhone 5s. He uses AirPlay to wirelessly stream his creation made completely with his iPhone 5s and the family applauds and tears are shed at what the young member was able to gift the entire family. It's not the material things they opened that made their Christmas, it's the priceless moments and emotions that were captured and relived that turned out to be the ultimate gift.

Other tech companies should take note from Apple's latest commercial. It's not the specs, price, etc., that resonates, it's what devices can do to make life better, easier, exciting, connecting, and the ability to capture and create something memorable that touches the human heart. Apple's "Misunderstood" commercial will not only make consumers understand, it should make its rivals as well.

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