ASUS commercial hints at dual-booting Windows and Android tablet for CES 2014

ASUS will be joining two operating systems in a single tablet to take on the iPad. The company is teasing a dual-booting Android/Windows tablet.

CES 2014 will kick off on Jan 7 and run through Jan. 10. We’re expecting to see what our favorite consumer electronics companies will be releasing in the coming months. It’s pretty safe to assume the two most popular and featured devices will likely be new tablets and smartphones. When it comes to tablets, Apple has managed to keep consumers loyal to its iPad. Android and Windows tablets have not seen anywhere near the success Apple has.

There was a rumor recently that Microsoft approached both Samsung and HTC, both licensees of its Windows Phone smartphone operating system, with an interesting proposal. Reports claimed Microsoft was trying to get the companies to commit to releasing phones that dual-booted Android and Windows. It would allow the consumer to buy one smartphone and choose which OS they’d like to run on the device. It’s not clear if or when either company will produce a dual-booting Android/Windows smartphone, but ASUS is giving a strong hint that it has a similar tablet in the works.

ASUS released the teaser below for a Jan. 6 CES event it is holding to unveil new devices. As you can see in the video, the Statue of Liberty is holding her tablet, but all of a sudden it begins to change its colors. The colors change back and forth between green and blue, hinting that the device can run Android and Windows in a single device.

The new tablet could appeal to users who like the idea of not having to choose between Android and Windows and be able to use both in a single device, depending on the task.

ASUS has even titled the teaser as “Green or Blue? One or Two?’ further leading many to believe the company will definitely unveil a new tablet that will run Android and Windows. We’ll bring you all of the latest CES 2014 news as it happens. Check out the video below.

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