Samsung ChatON update adds ability to recall sent messages, among other features

A new update to Samsung's ChatON messaging app and service brings some neat new features, including the ability to recall sent messages, deleting them from the recipient's phone.

Samsung seems to making serious efforts to boost the popularity of its ChatON messaging service, which is often ignored by most users. The new update brings along some interesting new features, bumping the app to version 3.5. ChatON users will now be able to send larger files, share their location, have as many as 1,001 people in a single chat room, and recall sent messages.

"Samsung Electronics updated ChatON, the global mobile instant messenger service, to version 3.5. The major upgrade will offer enhanced features including recalling text messages and large file sharing up to 1GB," touts Samsung.

The main attraction with the new update is the ability to recall text messages. Let's face it, everyone has sent at least one text they shoudn't have, or sent it to the wrong person, or experienced some other such instances that make them regret pressing 'send,' without the ability to take it back. With the new ChatON feature, you can now take back messages that have already been sent, without leaving a trace in the recipient's phone. You can't undo the deed, but you can delete the evidence.

"ChatON v3.5 offers recalling messages that allows users to recall messages they have sent to a friend in 1:1 chat rooms, even if the receiver has already read them. The sender can simply tap and hold the message bubble and select 'Recall' to make the message disappear."

Aside from this neat new recall feature, ChatON users will also be able to share their real-time location for a specified period of time with the person they're chatting with, just in case they have to/want to prove they actually are where they say they are. This feature is possible via Glympse, but Samsung did not mention whether users need to install the Glympse app as well.

As previously mentioned, other changes include the increase in the size cap for file transfers, now allowing users to send files of up to 1GB, while the group chat feature now increases the number of participants in a single chat room from 200 to a maximum of 1,001.

Samsung's ChatON is now available in 14 languages and can be installed on various platforms besides Android, including iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or even PCs.

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