Spotify for iOS finally gets much-needed updates & features, now on par with Android version

Spotify for iOS finally got a much-needed update, adding a set of neat features to improve the general user experience.

Amid a slew of streaming music services currently available on the market, Spotify enjoys great popularity worldwide, whether it's used on the desktop or as an app on mobile. In the latter category, the Spotify app for iPhone was particularly frustrating.

Up until now, Spotify for iPhone would not allow users to easily sort through all of their music collection or see what's in queue, ready to start playing next. That's all about to change with the latest update, as some long-overdue adjustments are now on the table.

With the latest Spotify for iOS app update, users can now finally view their Play Queue on their iPhone. Moreover, users will also be able to sort their music alphabetically, as well as search for a specific artist, song, or playlist. In addition, users will now be able to access the queue directly from the Now Playing screen, which further adds more convenience and ease of use. Spotify will even warn you if the song you're trying to add is already in your collection in order to prevent duplicate entries. While nothing about this is groundbreaking or out of the ordinary, they're much-needed features that have so far been out of reach for iPhone users.

The new update finally brings the iOS Spotify app on a more level playing field compared to its Android counterpart, which will most likely come as great news for heavy Spotify users. It remains a mystery why it took so long for such functionality to finally reach the iPhone, but at least it's here now.

Spotify also added the ability to search through downloaded songs offline recently, also aiming to improve the user experience on the streaming music service. While Spotify users have been able to grab songs and listen to them offline, the previous process involved more hassle with downloading playlists. Spotify has now streamlined and simplified things so mobile users can enjoy the service more conveniently, with minimum hassle.

The new and improved Spotify app for iOS is now available as a free download from the App Store. Spotify Premium, however, will still require a premium account to offer an ad-free experience, which comes with a $9.99 price tag per month.

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