Android-powered Lumia en route from Nokia by Microsoft

A Lumia device running Google's Android operating system is reportedly en route, ready to give users the best of both worlds.

Nokia has already dipped into Android territory with its Nokia X series of smartphones, and Microsoft continued the trend with its recently-unveiled Nokia X2. The Lumia range, however, has so far been exclusive to the Windows Phone platform.

In fact, Nokia's Lumia range of Windows Phone devices can be credited with boosting the popularity and relevance of Microsoft's software, as Lumia devices have enjoyed great popularity worldwide.

Both Lumia and Android fans are now in for some exciting news, as Microsoft is apparently getting ready to launch an Android-powered Lumia device. The news comes from famous tipster @evleaks, who has offered accurate information countless times in the past when leaking yet-to-be-announced gadgets and plans.

"Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft," @evleaks revealed in a new post on Monday, July 7.

The tipster has not provided any further details, so it remains unknown at this point just when this purported device will launch, with what specs, and at what price. The "Nokia by Microsoft" branding, meanwhile, has been mentioned on several occasions these past few days, referring to the fruits of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's device unit. Microsoft is expected to continue what Nokia started, launching new devices under this branding.

Microsoft has taken notable steps forward toward bridging the gap between its platform and Android with its latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS. With the two operating systems now on a more level playing field, Microsoft may no longer feel so threatened by the rival OS, which makes the possibility of an Android-based Lumia smartphone quite plausible.

Lumia devices have gained a solid fan base worldwide, managing to maximize even low-end to mid-range specs for a performance comparable to that of higher-end devices running Android.

Evleaks did not mention whether this purported Android-powered Lumia device will be mid-range or high-end, but the prospect is nonetheless exciting. Despite the tipster's excellent track record, however, keep in mind that nothing is confirmed at this point. This means that it all remains in the rumor state for now, so treat all such news accordingly. We'll keep you up to date as soon as we hear more, but take all leaks with a grain of salt in the meantime.

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