Customized Nexus devices may soon be possible with new Workshop customization tool

Nexus owners may soon have the possibility to customize how their smartphones look, as Google reportedly has a new customization tool called Workshop en route.

Motorola's strategy for its Moto X has proved quite successful, as it offered something unprecedented and unparalleled. Although the Moto X did not come with top-notch specs on board, the high customization options it brought to the table have drawn plenty of interest.

Google, for its part, has done some impressive things with its Nexus lineup of devices, all of which have enjoyed great success. When it comes to accessorizing and customizing Nexus devices, however, it's a different story. Some official Nexus accessories arrived late, others never made it to market, but the company has done a better job in recent times. Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners can currently choose from a range of available cases for their devices, but Google reportedly wants to take things a step further.

More specifically, the company is apparently working on a new customization tool called Workshop. Similarly to Motorola's Moto Maker tool, Google's Workshop will reportedly allow users to create customized cases for Nexus devices.

Android Police managed to obtain some exclusive information about this upcoming Google project, noting that it currently involves creating customized back covers for the Nexus 5.

"According to information made available to us, it appears Google is exploring a tool that would take their accessory strategy to a new level - introducing custom cases and even live wallpapers, created by users in a special interface called - for now - Workshop," reports the publication.

Currently no information is available as to when this customization tool will actually become available to consumers, nor which devices it will support. While the Nexus 5 seems to be the only one on board for now, Google will most likely extend the courtesy to more Nexus devices as the project advances.

According to Android Police, Workshop currently has two main tools - MapMe and Moments. As the name itself suggests, the MapMe tool would allow users to create a custom case based on a favorite location, whether it's a hometown, a dream city, or some other place. Moments, meanwhile, will reportedly allow users to upload images, apply filters and write messages to capture the essence of a cherished moment, then have it customized on the case of their Nexus device.

If the Moto Maker tool proved successful for the Moto X, Google's purported Workshop would surely hit a soft spot for Nexus fans. It remains to be seen, however, just when this tool will become available, in which regions, at what cost, and for what devices. No additional details have surfaced for now, but we'll keep you up to date as soon as we learn more.

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