Apple addresses #bendgate fiasco, says iPhone 6 Plus bending under normal pressure is ‘extremely rare’

Apple has officially responded to complaints of its iPhone 6 Plus bending under normal pressure, saying that such occurrences are "extremely rare."

Over the past few days, #bendgate has become one of the hottest trending topics all over the Internet, with all sorts of material regarding the warping iPhone 6 Plus. For those unaware of this whole issue, here's the deal: shortly after Apple launched its latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus commercially, reports started to pile up regarding a distortion problem affecting the 5.5-inch model. More specifically, several iPhone 6 Plus users posted images of their bent devices after keeping them in a pocket, or applying other such pressure that is normal with real life usage.

The Internet went wild over the whole thing and #bendgate turned into a real phenomenon, and even companies such as KitKat or Heineken jumped the bandwagon and mocked Apple for its bendy iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple has now finally responded to such allegations that its iPhone 6 Plus bends under normal pressure, saying that warping through normal use only occurs in very isolated cases. The company told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that only nine customers have contacted Apple in regards to a bent iPhone 6 Plus, indicating that the media and the Internet has blown everything out of proportion. Apple claims that both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus passed, if not exceeded a number of tests designed to check their strength and durability through everyday use, suggesting that this whole #bendgate frenzy is unfounded.

According to the company, both of its latest iPhones are made from a custom grade anodized aluminum, tempered with extra strength to guarantee durability, while stainless steel/ titanium inserts reinforce high-stress locations.

Apple further detailed five different tests that new iPhones must go through during the development process, including the "pressure point cycling test" that holds a device by its sides and applies considerable force to its display and enclosure hundreds of times. The company said this test bends the enclosure repeatedly in order to ensure that the iPhone can withstand being bent and pressed at reasonable force.

Another test called the "sit test," meanwhile, simulates sitting on a hard surface with the phone stored in the back pocket of a pair of tight pants. According to Apple, each iPhone goes through thousands of cycles of testing in different positions.

Nevertheless, customers who have experienced bending issues with their iPhone 6 Plus should contact Apple to resolve the issue. The Internet may blow things out of proportion on a regular basis, but usually there is a grain of truth to every exaggerate claim. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, drop by our comment section below and let us know whether you've faced any problems with the device. If you missed the viral video of the oh-so-flexible iPhone 6 Plus, check it out below.

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