T-Mobile Nexus 6 reportedly facing supply constraints already, leaked internal memo reveals

By April Taylor , Nov 10, 2014 10:36 AM EST

T-Mobile will apparently have limited Nexus 6 stock from the very beginning, if a newly-leaked internal memo turns out to be accurate.

The new-generation Nexus smartphone from Google has already stirred lots of interest and is shaping up to be in great demand, but the device seems to face some supply issues.

When Google put the Nexus 6 up for pre-order on Google Play, the device sold out in less than 24 hours. The company recently announced that it will replenish Nexus 6 stock every Wednesday, but this doesn't seem to make the smartphone more readily available either. It remains unclear just how many Nexus 6 units Google added last Wednesday, Nov. 5, but whatever stock it had vanished in no time.

Motorola, the device's maker, also started selling the Nexus 6 on its own website, but it hit the same wall: the smartphone went out of stock shortly after being listed as available, and no additional stock has popped up since.

With all of these hints pointing at poor supply for the Nexus 6, many were hoping that Google had put aside sufficient Nexus 6 carrier units for those who plan on getting the smartphone subsidized. According to a newly-leaked T-Mobile memo, however, it seems that supply shortages will affect carrier versions of the Nexus 6 as well.

Android Police claims to have received a purported T-Mobile internal memo from one of its tipsters, and the document shows limited availability for the Nexus 6.

The image Android Police shared was originally posted by "Nic The MotherFing Tech Guy" on Google+, citing a "very reliable source."

"My inside sources tell me that about 2/3 of retail stores will not have them on release day so plan accordingly. Feel free to share this and tag whomever you need to. Very reliable source. Consider this set in stone," reads the Google+ post.

Based on this leaked internal memo, it appears that only some T-Mobile retailers will get the Nexus 6 on Nov. 12 "due to inventory constraints." Otherwise, T-Mobile retailers will be able to sell Nexus 6 units via Ship-to Direct Fulfillment, i.e. cash in the money and ship the smartphone directly to the buyer. This method, however, does not guarantee that you'd get it sooner than you would if you bought it straight from Google or Motorola (if you get the chance, that is). 

The leaked T-Mobile memo further reveals that select T-Mobile stores will have some Nexus 6 demo units available, allowing interested shoppers to check out the phone live before actually making a purchase. It remains unclear at this point which T-Mobile retail locations will get the Nexus 6 in store, but it's safe to assume that the large corporate stores in major cities and high-traffic areas will get priority.

T-Mobile has made no official announcement in this regards, but it should offer more information about the Nexus 6 launch any time now. We'll keep you up to date as soon as we hear more, so stay tuned.

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