T-Mobile Cyber Monday deals: $100 off 64GB iPhone 6, discounted 5S and 5C models

Cyber Monday is here and iPhone fans can celebrate by taking advantage of T-Mobile's latest limited-time offers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C.

It's that time of the year again when offers get more attractive, many items get more affordable, and companies launch more competitive promotions in order to lure in as many customers as possible.

Black Friday just passed with all its offers and frenzy, and Cyber Monday is now in full-force with attractive deals of its own. T-Mobile has joined the Cyber Monday party and announced some attractive new deals for iPhone fans.

More specifically, T-Mobile is now allowing iPhone fans to purchase a low-capacity iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, or iPhone 5C and get a higher-capacity model of the smartphone of their choice at no additional cost whatsoever. It's worth pointing out that this deal is available only on Cyber Monday, i.e. Dec. 1, only online, and only while supplies last.

"Starting at 2:01 am PST on Cyber Monday, buy a new iPhone online at T-Mobile.com and T-Mobile will give you a free memory upgrade. This offer is only available online and inventory is limited," explains the carrier's announcement.

It's a well-known fact that high-end devices don't come cheap, and iPhones are definitely no exception. In many cases, customers prefer to get the lowest-capacity model of a smartphone because it's the most affordable one, but that amount of internal storage capacity is not always enough. T-Mobile's sweet new deal now offers more storage without burning your wallet, so here's the deal.

Interested customers can purchase a 16GB iPhone 6 and receive the 64GB model instead at no additional cost, marking a $100 savings. The offer also applies to last year's iPhone 5S and 5C models - buyers can pay for a 32GB iPhone 5S and get a 64GB model for that price, or choose an 8GB iPhone 5C and receive a 32GB model at no additional cost.

The new-generation iPhone 6 also supports T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling service, which includes free text messages on flights with GoGo. The carrier is further sweetening the deal by waiving the $25 deposit fee for its Personal Cellspot router to allow more users to take advantage of Wi-Fi Calling.

To learn more about these new Cyber Monday deals or to take advantage of this free memory upgrade for an iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, or iPhone 5C, head over to T-Mobile's website at this link.

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