Toshiba Activity Tracker drops by FCC, boasts 14-day battery life on a single charge

With the wearable device market on the rise, Toshiba apparently has an activity tracker of its own in the works, an FCC listing reveals.

The wearable fitness tracking market is already abundant in all sorts of fitness bands and trackers with neat functionality, and it continues to expand at a rapid pace. Wearable devices are increasingly gaining momentum and 2015 is expected to bring even more offerings from notable companies.

As it turns out, Toshiba is planning to join the party with a fitness gadget of its own, as a new device called the Toshiba Activity Tracker was just spotted at the FCC.

Not many details are available at this point, but the FCC listing in question does reveal that users will be able to enjoy the Toshiba Activity Tracker while running, walking, or sleeping, and will be able to pair it with both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Toshiba has apparently created companion applications as well, for both Android devices and iPhones. Moreover, the company seems to have designed the tracking device with a removable wristband for easier charging via a charging dock.

The Toshiba Activity Tracker doesn't have any display, but it does come with a vibration monitor for simple notifications. The gadget will reportedly boast a long battery life, lasting for up to 14 days of use on a single charge. Considering that current wearables require charging quite often, a 14-day battery life could make the Toshiba Activity Tracker stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, the upcoming Toshiba Activity Tracker also seems to be water- and dust-resistant, as the FCC listing reveals an IPX57 certification for the device.

As always with FCC documents, no additional information is available regarding the pricing and availability of this upcoming device. On the other hand, the FCC is usually one of the last stops before a device is ready to hit the market, and this listing suggests that the Toshiba Activity Tracker could make its debut soon enough.

Toshiba could choose to unveil its device at CES 2015 in January, at MWC 2015 in February, or at some separate event sometime next year. We'll keep you up to date as soon as more information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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