Microsoft Windows 10 to bring single code base for PC, tablet, phone apps

Microsoft reportedly plans to enable Windows 10 apps to work across phones, tablets, and PCs instead of being optimized for just one form factor.

Windows Phone has grown to become the third-largest mobile platform behind Android and iOS, but its greatest drawback lies in an insufficient app ecosystem. Microsoft apparently wants to resolve this issue with Windows 10, aiming to enable the development of apps that are compatible with all form factors.

Microsoft's Windows Phone is already a very capable platform and many appreciate its interface. Better app support will surely enhance the functionality and popularity of the operating system, and it could become a reality very soon.

According to a new report from The Information, Microsoft will address this shortcoming with its upcoming Windows 10, announced back in October as one platform to rule all devices in the company's product lineup.

On Wednesday, Jan. 21, Microsoft will detail the consumer preview of Windows 10 and announce its new strategy to boost Windows Phone sales, claims the report. Moreover, the company reportedly plans to unveil new hardware as well.

"In previewing its Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft will show a single code base inside the software that will allow an app to run well on phones, tablets and PCs, as opposed to being optimized for one screen size, says a person briefed on the upcoming release. Microsoft also plans to introduce new hardware, with some set to appear this week and a phone-laptop hybrid that might appeal to enterprise customers being developed for in the future," The Information reveals.

"Along with Windows 10, Microsoft also plans to launch a single app store instead of the two separate stores it now maintains for phones and for PCs and tablets. The new store is where Microsoft might introduce an updated Windows Phone version of Office 365, its cloud-based productivity suite whose success is critical to the company's fortunes," adds the report.

In other words, Microsoft is expected to introduce a single code base that will allow apps to run on PC, tablet, and smartphone form factors, without requiring specific optimization for each category. This falls in line with Microsoft's previously announced plans, as the company said the strategy for Windows 10 is "One product family, one platform, one store."

As previously mentioned, Microsoft is expected to offer more details on Wednesday, Jan. 21, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest news.

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