Jolla Tablet running Linux-based Sailfish OS enters second round on Indiegogo with 64GB model

Finnish startup Jolla is looking to crowdsource a new 64GB version of its tablet on Indiegogo, following the original campaign a few months ago.

For those unfamiliar with this project, Jolla aims to bring a new platform to the market with its tablet, which runs a Linux-based operating system called Sailfish OS.

Jolla first launched an Indiegogo campaign back in November 2014 to raise funds for its tablet, and stirred plenty of interest among consumers. The project raised $300,000 more than its original pledge of $1.5 million, allowing the company to start manufacturing its tablet and equip it with a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of additional memory. At the time, the tablet came in only one configuration - 32GB.

The Finnish startup is now back with another proposition, announcing an extension to its original campaign. This time, Jolla wants to offer a 64GB version of its Sailfish OS tablet. The new model will retail for $299, i.e. $50 more than the original 32GB version priced at $249.

"At 32/64GB, the Jolla tablet will have the space and hardware potential to be customised, and if you happen to run out, there's always the option to expand with a micro-SD memory card," reads the new description on Indiegogo.

This extension to Jolla's original campaign will run until the end of February, and early backers who went for the 32GB model of the Sailfish OS tablet from the original campaign can upgrade to the new 64GB model for $25.

Moreover, Jolla is also offering a bundle that includes both its smartphone and tablet.

"To celebrate the new phase in our campaign, we now have a special bundle offer for you! While waiting for the Jolla Tablet you can experience the great Sailfish OS multitasking on the Jolla smartphone. Choosing either the $419 bundle (32GB) or $449 bundle (64GB) now you get amazing value for your money."

These bundles are available only in the European Union (EU), Switzerland, and Norway. Interested buyers in Australia and Asia, meanwhile, can get the tablet separately.

The Jolla Tablet promises a "completely different way of interacting with your device," and banks on privacy, multitasking, fast performance, a wide app ecosystem (in addition to its own Sailfish OS apps, the tablet can also run Android apps), and a minimalist design. Jolla lists estimated delivery as June 2015.

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