HTC One M9 to debut 2.5h before Samsung Galaxy S6, but does it matter?

Both Samsung and HTC will unveil their 2015 flagships on March 1, but HTC will try to steal the show by hosting its event 2.5 hours earlier than Samsung.

On the eve of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, both Samsung and HTC will host press conferences to announce their latest and greatest smartphones. Between the much-rumored HTC One M9 and the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge, March 1 is shaping up as an exciting day for the mobile industry.

These upcoming smartphones are expected to be among the hottest devices of 2015 and will be direct competitors, with both HTC and Samsung targeting the same high-end segment of the smartphone market with their 2015 flagships.

It remains to be seen which company will manage to steal the other's thunder, but HTC believes it has an edge because it will unveil its flagship first. More specifically, HTC will hold its conference 2.5 hours before Samsung, the company's Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon revealed earlier this week.

While HTC's event will kick off at 16:00 CET on Sunday, March 1, Samsung's conference will begin later the same day, at 18:30 CET. HTC is widely expected to unveil its One M9 and One M9 Plus at MWC 2015, and Samsung is expected to introduce its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge at the show.

Simply announcing its flagship before Samsung may not be enough for HTC to gain a significant advantage over its rival, but the company may start selling the new devices immediately after the unveiling. Last year, for instance, the HTC One M8 went on sale immediately after its official announcement, while the Galaxy S5 hit retail a while after its debut. It may not matter which company makes its announcement first, but may make a big difference which handset hits retail first.

It remains to be seen which of these upcoming handsets will be more successful, but great things are nonetheless expected. Both HTC and Samsung should unleash top-notch devices with powerful specs and features all around, and it may not matter much which one of them makes its announcement first. Nevertheless, March 1 will definitely be an exciting day for the smartphone space, and we're eagerly waiting for the official unveilings. 

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