Nexus 5 doesn’t make it to new Google Store, company confirms demise

Google has again confirmed that it will no longer be selling the popular Nexus 5 smartphone, although you may still find it at some carriers and retailers.

The Nexus 5 made in collaboration with LG has enjoyed great success worldwide due to its good specs and features, affordable price tag, and the much-touted Nexus experience that entails timely updates whenever a new version of Android becomes available.

Due to high demand, the Nexus 5 had its moments when it went out of stock, but Google added more units a while back. At the time, Google said it will continue to sell the Nexus 5 through the first quarter of this year, but the handset would no longer be available after that.

Fast forward to present date, and the popular LG Nexus 5 did not make it to the new Google Store, the redesigned hardware storefront Google just launched. Along with the Nexus 5, the Chromebook Pixel launched back in 2013 also got the boot, now replaced by the newer and cheaper model launched this year.

Google also issued a statement to The Verge, confirming the demise of the Nexus 5 smartphone.

"While some inventory of Nexus 5 still exists (with our retail and carrier partners), our focus is on the Nexus 6 at this time," the company told The Verge.

The Nexus 5 has proved to be the most popular smartphone in Google's Nexus series, and it's still a popular choice even now, a year and a half since its original launch. It may no longer be the latest and greatest Nexus smartphone, but many consumers favor the Nexus 5 over the latest smartphone made in collaboration with Motorola.

More specifically, the Motorola-made Nexus 6 stirred plenty of waves, but some feel that its 5.96-inch display is too big. Moreover, while previous Nexus handsets aimed for affordability, the Nexus 6 comes with high-end specs and a price tag to match. That's not to say that the Nexus 6 is not popular or in high demand, but the Nexus 5 will be missed.

On the bright side, the Nexus 5's imminent demise should also translate to notable price cuts in the following months.

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