Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge display quality issues marring the experience – User complaints pile up

By April Taylor , Apr 03, 2015 07:12 AM EDT

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may have some display quality issues, according to early buyers who already got their device.

Back at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in early March, Samsung took the wraps off its latest Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, as well as the curved-display Galaxy S6 Edge powerhouse.

The handsets are set to hit commercial availability in the U.S. on April 10, but T-Mobile has already shipped some Galaxy S6 Edge units to pre-order customers. Some of those who have already received the device from T-Mobile are now reporting some issues with the smartphone's display straight out of the box.

"On sunday, I pre ordered a 128gb s6 edge on tmobile's website, it arrived on tuesday, and as soon as I turned it on I noticed dead pixels and also i noticed under direct sunlight that the screen had scratches everywhere, i paid almost one thousand dollars for this and I found that unacceptable, so I called TMobile and they said I had to return the phone, wait until they refunded my money and then I could order another one OR I could buy another one and pay for it and return this one," user rhcpcjg wrote in a post on the XDA Developers forum on Thursday, April 2. "So I just went ahead and placed another order and they overnighted a new phone to me. The phone arrived today, and it also has dead pixels or something black under the display (very noticebale) and also has a really scratched screen. The phone is nice, it works fine most of the time, but my problem is not with the software, it is with the lack of quality control Samsung is showing with this release."

The user further reveals having to return both phones, as both of them had issues with the display.

"Received my 128GB Sapphire Black Edge today from T-Mobile.

Ordered it at 7:05AM PST on pre-order day.

Phone is scratched to hell out of the box. Pissed off because it's such a beautiful device and this whole thing ruined the whole experience to enjoy it.

Time to call T-Mobile in the morning for an exchange, if the 2nd one comes scratched I'm going back to my M8 and waiting till they sort this out. I will not settle for the regular S6 after holding this work of art.

My scratch pattern is unlike the photos shown here, not circular but random micro scratches all over the place with no particular direction," another user, Dan37tz, wrote in a new post on the same XDA thread on Friday, April 3.

It remains unclear at this point just how widespread this issue is. Other customers who received their Samsung Galaxy Edge from T-Mobile say their phone is intact, with no display issues whatsoever. At the same time, one XDA user from Sweden reported seeing the same issues on a store demo unit, which suggests the problem may be global.

It's tough to determine at this point how many units are affected, as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge won't hit stores until April 10. If you're among those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S6 Edge and have already received the device, drop by our comment section below and let us know whether you noticed any display quality issues.

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