OnePlus special event kicks off later today, April 20 – OnePlus 2 expected

OnePlus has a special event scheduled for later today, April 20, where it is expected to unveil its much-rumored OnePlus 2 smartphone.

The company's OnePlus One smartphone, marketed as the "flagship killer," stirred lots of interest worldwide due to its high-end specs and features and affordable price tag, as the handset is far cheaper than other smartphones with similar specifications.

The rumor mill indicated that a OnePlus One successor was set to launch this year, but would not arrive until the third or fourth quarter. It now seems those rumors may not be very accurate, as OnePlus has a special event set for Monday, April 20. The company did not mention whether it will officially unveil its OnePlus 2 or some other device, but its 2015 flagship will likely be the star of the show.

While nothing is officially confirmed at this point other than the date of the event, the OnePlus 2 is highly anticipated and it's expected to boast top-notch specs all around. The new-generation flagship should retain the affordability aspect of its predecessor, and the company touts the event under the same #NeverSettle hashtag it used so far for the OnePlus One.

Various rumors have also indicated that a second phone may be en route as well, potentially launching as a lower-specced variant of the OnePlus 2 to accommodate an even lower price tag. At the same time, this watered-down version of the OnePus 2 is expected to have better specs compared to the OnePlus One. Oddly enough, this variant is rumored to launch as the OnePlus One Lite, not the OnePlus 2 Lite.

The new OnePlus 2 could prove to be widely popular if it combines top-notch specs with a budget-friendly price tag, but the company would need to work on its availability strategy. The OnePlus One launched on an invite-only basis, and although many consumers worldwide wanted to purchase the device, not all of them managed to actually get their hands on it.

For the OnePlus 2 to be more successful, OnePlus would have to make it more readily available to the masses, without making consumers go through hoops so they can maybe get a chance to get it. Some rumors claimed that the company will stick to its invite-only system for the new-generation smartphones, but it remains to be seen.

As previously mentioned, the special OnePlus event is scheduled for later today, April 20, so we'll soon get the official scoop straight from the company. We'll keep you up to date as soon as the cat's out of the bag, so stay tuned.

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