Samsung mobile chief dismisses recent Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 rumors

Following recent rumors of a poor Galaxy S6 prformance and an early Galaxy Note 5 release, the company's chief has officially refuted such claims.

Over the past few days, increasingly more speculation has been making rounds regarding the current Galaxy S6 flagship and the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 phablet. Rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was not as widely successful as expected, and the company was looking to boost sales figures by launching the Galaxy Note 5 earlier.

More specifically, reports claimed that Samsung might release its Galaxy Note 5 as early as July, instead of the customary September unveiling, in an effort to get a head start and better compete against Apple's next-generation iPhone.

Samsung's J.K. Shin has now refuted claims regarding the disappointing sales figures of the Galaxy S6, as well as the early release of the Galaxy Note 5. During a meeting on Wednesday, May 20, at Seocho Samsung Electronics, J.K. Shin has reportedly told the media that all rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its poor performance on the market are not accurate.

At the same time, the executive also tackled the recent rumor that the Galaxy Note 5 could be set to hit the market in July. J.K. Shin said these claims are false as well, and Samsung will not release the Galaxy Note 5 as soon as such rumors claim. Truth be told, Samsung has respected fairly strict launch schedule so far for its Note series, always unveiling new iterations around the same period each year.

On the other hand, it's also worth pointing out that recent rumors also indicated that Samsung may release a new Edge smartphone before the Galaxy Note 5 Edge, and J.K. Shin made no comment in this regards. The executive did not mention this rumor, which means that he neither confirmed nor denied it.

All in all, Samsung's Mobile President J.K. Shin assured the press that the Galaxy S6 was not in trouble when it comes to its market performance, as recent whispers have speculated, and the Galaxy Note 5 is not coming early to market in order to counter Apple's upcoming iPhone 6s, or whatever it may be called. Rumors turn out to be false in many cases, and this is apparently one of them.

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