Space Enthusiasts Accuse NASA of Conspiracy Over UFOs

Space enthusiasts affirm their beliefs that UFO sightings prove aliens exist and accuse NASA of conspiracy over the UFO phenomenon. NASA, the American Space Agency, is suspected of knowing and hiding the truth about alien life forms.

In many leaked photos and videos from NASA, posted on the Internet, strange phenomena are clearly visible, including what seem to be building structures on the Moon and Mars, flying UFOs around Earth picked on cameras, and other mysterious interstellar spotting. The unexplained phenomena are sending ETs enthusiasts into a spin. They are convinced that NASA is part of a government conspiracy set to hide the inconvenient truth from the general public.

Recently, on YouTube a new controversial video has emerged. The recordings are believed to show clear evidence of the existence of ET beings. Since this video was leaked on YouTube just before the World UFO Day, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

The footage posted on YouTube is allegedly captured from the International Space Station NASA's live feed. It shows what seems to be three blurred UFOs blasting out of the Earth's atmosphere. However, ET enthusiasts believe that the live feed has been cut by the space agency. It's just one reason more to accuse NASA of conspiracy.

UFO and ET believers seem to make a point here, since the live feed recordings from NASA show at one moment an on-screen message stating that the image was interrupted because either of temporary loss of signal or switching cameras. It is not surprising that the message raises suspicions, since the feed was suddenly cut before this text appears. Even more reasons for suspicions come from the fact that NASA declined to provide any official comment. The controversial YouTube video clip has become viral and in just a short interval of time has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

Conspiracy theorists have just one more reason now to accuse NASA of hiding the truth on alien beings and claim that the footage is clear proof that our planet is regularly being visited by ETs. From the video's comments on YouTube is obvious that many people are ready to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and feel thrilled by such an exciting idea that opens many questions but also many opportunities for the humankind.

This is not, however, the only video clip providing so called "proofs" of the presence of aliens around our planet. There are plenty of videos to keep conspiracy theorists excited. Another video clip newly uploaded to YouTube is claimed to come from NASA's captures of a strange sky event. The clip is showing a bright trail lighting up the skies over the United States' Southeastern region. It is believed that the object was neither a fireball, nor a meteor, because it was travelling at about 24,000 km/hour. At the time, more than 120 people reported seeing this mystery object.

Are you ready for a close encounter of the third kind?

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