Our World In 2020: Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Cars, Solar Power

Scientists analyze the technology trends of today in order to envision the world of tomorrow. In the world of 2020 your electric driverless car will take you home, where your battery and solar powered lights and air con switches on to cool the house. You will charge your electric car at home with the energy generated by your home through the day. All your appliances will know what to do next, by communicating to each other, via the Internet of Things.

This is not from a Sci-Fi Hollywood movie. It is not fantasy about the future but it is based on today's trends. It is almost certain the these technologies will find their way over the next decade into your home. All these technologies are already here.

Researchers from various high-tech fields and investors gather regularly in order to analyze future trends in a multidisciplinary context. According to reports, over the next five years, two technology trends are expected to undergo a significant growth in development.

Autonomous and electric cars will merge together in driverless cars of the near future. They will certainly be a common occurrence on our driveways by the year 2020. Many top brands in the automaker industry, including Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla are working on projects of autonomous cars. To them are joining companies from information technology sector like Apple and Google. To date, Google's self-driving cars are already on the roads in California. Soon, they will be available to the public.

Tesla is preparing a software update to its sedan Model S that will make the car able to self-drive in highway situations. For the moment, the technology developed by Tesla is capable of driving through situations of minimal variables and the cars aren't yet ready for regular road driving.

Tesla's CEO believes that autonomy is about what level of safety and reliability you are looking for. The American automaker company can make the car go fully autonomous even with the current sensor suite, but not enough reliable and safe in a complex urban environment. A car fully autonomous will be produced by Tesla in just a few years.

Since developing the self-driving technology isn't the problem for automakers, many other brands will join the trend. Carlos Ghosn, Nissan's CEO, has recently declaring for the media that Nissan autonomous cars will also be ready by 2020.

As more people become aware of environmental issues and the electricity prices rise, consumers will increasingly look towards solar power solutions to help reduce their environmental footprint and lower their electricity bill.

Artificial intelligence is another hot tech topic of the day. Intelligent expert computer programs that can help you in your work are already a reality, and it's not far the day when we'll see robots that have a mind of their own.

On-demand ambient computing will help predicting human intent in order to deliver information and items at the speed of thought. This is already happening. Google Now provides already information based on your lifestyle, like traffic and weather.

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