The Security Of Devices Connected To The Internet Of Things Keeps Degrading

According to reports, the security of devices connected to the Internet of Things degrades over time. The connected home devices might come securely enough when you buy them off the shell, but this situation would not last for long. Tech firms have warned that the Internet of Things security is not strong enough.

The Open Trust Alliance has stated that the security of smart home devices should become sustainable to keep consumers safe. The concept of the connected home and the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an emerging industry.

It is true that the IoT devices can make our daily lives more comfortable and efficient. However, manufacturers are yet to improve their technology when it comes to security. Research concerning smart systems has revealed how easy it can be to manipulate these kinds of devices by exploiting their security vulnerabilities.

The Open Trust Alliance (OTA) was formed in January this year, and It is composed to a date of 100 members. Among them are included Microsoft, AVG, Target and Symantec. The organization believes that it is necessary to set proper industry-based guidelines in order to push manufacturers in the right direction. The Open Trust Alliance sees security as a critical part of the production process.

Privacy, security, sustainability are of particular interest to the OTA. For instance, sustainability and device security often change after the warranty expires, according to the group.

OTA considers that sustainability must become a part of the IoT security matters. This means that devices which have been secure at the time of purchase should continue to be secure over their timespan. However, up to now, this is not always the case, and most often the devices connected to IoT eventually become flawed over time. This could make them susceptible to outside influence.

Attackers can become able to remotely open garage doors, disable house alarms, sabotaging connected appliances, or infiltrating fitness wearables to spy on their owners, according to the non-profit organization. OTA has developed the Internet of Things Trust Framework which contains a set of guidelines designed to comprehensively address IoT risks.

The guidelines address the security issues encountered by  IoT manufacturers and retailers in designing and marketing their home automation and health connected devices, including wearable technologies and smart home systems.

The OTA's guidelines include proposed best practices for IoT sustainability and security within the framework. Among the proposals, the OTA suggests that retailers should make privacy policies readily available for review at the time of purchase. The non-profit organization also proposes that all personally identifiable information should be hashed or encrypted. 

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