Scientists' Predictions For The World In 2025

According to analysts of future trends, we will experience an acceleration of the rate of change by the year 2025, in accordance with Moore's Law. We will move closer to a world of true abundance where the advances in science and technology will solve most of the problems we still face today.

We will experience extraordinary transformation in the next decade in most of the fields of science and technology. We will live in the world where teleportation will take off, we all will own a pilot licence, personal computers will have the processing power of the human brain and food shortages will be of the past. A world were aging will be considered just another disease and will be cured by regenerative medicine based on stem cells and nanobots.

The social and economic imbalances of today will fade as well and people all over the world will experience an overall improvement in the quality of life. They will live in a post-consumer society, in a resources economy where robots will perform most of the work and finances will lose the importance they have today. The rate of implementation of the advances in science to a practical technological application will shorten. We will present here some areas where the expected changes will be most extraordinary in the next decade, according to the Thompson Reuters report.

Researchers say that the largest source of energy on the planet by 2025 will be the solar power. It will become mainstream and available for the large masses rather of being only for the environmentally conscious select, as today. New thin-form and dye-sensitized materials will provide increased efficiency of the energy conversion process.

By the end of the next decade, electric planes will become as common as the electric cars of today. New battery technologies combined with lightweight aerospace engineering will enable the development of efficient electric airplanes powered by motors that use superconducting technology and improved lithium-ion batteries.iTech

Computer processors of 2025 will deliver the equivalent of the human brain's processing power. Home users will be able to buy computers able to process 10,000 trillion cycles per second of information, which is the equivalent processing speed of the human brain.

While today the experts are talking about The Internet of Things, by 2025 the concept in vogue will be The Internet of Everything (IoE). The networked connections will link everything together, including data, processes, devices, and people. Experts estimate that by 2025, the IoE will link together more than 100 billion connected devices, each of them featuring a dozen or more data collecting sensors. With a trillion sensors gathering data everywhere from cameras, wearables, drones, satellite systems, autonomous cars and more, we are heading towards a world of perfect knowledge.

In 2025, around 8 billion of hyper-connected people will live in the world where Space X, Facebook, Google, Virgin and Qualcomm are planning to provide global connectivity to everyone on the planet. The bottom line is that it seems we all are heading toward incredible times where the rate of change is increasing and the only constant is changed.

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