Backblaze B2 Ignites Another Price War On Cloud Storage

By Paul Pajarillo , Sep 25, 2015 12:27 AM EDT

Backblaze has always been taking pride of itself on providing the world's least-costly package for cloud storage feasibly. With the launch of B2, users can save individual objects and files that load a lot quicker and are easily accessible by software programs.

Backblaze has been around the business since 2007 and is more used to arrange for consumers and companies back-up services that are made up of 150 petabytes of data and 10 billion archives on its servers. It is also said that it is well-recognized for the amount of hard drives take on board to power it. Now, the company is all set to take on the big boys in the cloud storage space business by launching a service that considerably undercuts everybody else on expense.

The company considers that users will bundle to Backblaze B2 to save pictures, video recordings and other electronic documents, even if some will choose to store large study data sets in it. For instance, it will be made up of a free tier up to 10 gigabyte storage, one gigabyte per day of outbound traffic and bottomless inbound bandwidth. Makers can use it through an application programming interface and command line. However, those who are less technical will be able to get accustomed using a web interface.

A private beta version of the cloud storage system is available right now and it will be all set for public use before the end of 2015. First conveyed by TechCrunch, Backblaze B2 has opened up its private beta to give the consumers an equal substitute to the likes of Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Google's Cloud Platform that generally cost a smaller amount.

The storage amenity sets a price at $0.05 per gigabyte per month, which is half the price of Amazon Glacier, Amazon Web Services' slow-moving cloud storage subscription and a fourth of the charge of the consistent speed Amazon S3 package. It also matches likewise to cloud storage assistances from Google and Microsoft Azure. Chief Execute Officer Gleb Budman of Backblaze is quite certain that price of the cloud storage system can and will compete.

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