4D Mass Effect Theme Park Coming Soon

Great America and Electronic Arts are teaming up for a Mass Effect attraction for the theme park's Action Theater. The Santa Clara theme park is modernizing its Action Theater for the immersive attraction, which will be disclosed early in March 2016.

California's Great America theme park publicized on Tuesday that it is partnering with EA. Both companies are working hand in hand to make a four-dimensional holographic theater based on the video game Mass Effect's, a definitive sci-fi trilogy.

In Redwood City, Vice President of Entertainment and Licensing Patrick O'Brien states that having a partner who portions Great America's promise to electrify the audience is tremendously significant to the theme park, and they look forward to constructing an attraction that will appeal to the fan-based Mass Effect and acquaint with it to many more.

First released in 2007 by BioWare, Mass Effect gained serious and user acclaim. Video game reviewer Gieson Cacho of Bay Area News Group called the game an epic journey.

He also wrote before the trilogy's end was out in 2012 that the game is also an extraordinary mission. From the start, the Mass Effect series was a pushy scheme. BioWare prearranged the chronicle as a trilogy, but the splitting stories were a test. The team sought to make a franchise where players can take their characters and play him or her into all three games.

Cacho also wrote that it was a satisfying concept for the audience. Unlike other video games, Mass Effect lets players create their own tales. They become in effect the co-authors of the Mass Effect story. The players are the ones who createassociations with their crew mates. The players decide the outcome of the congregation. Hence, the saga was immensely satisfying.

Mass Effect will switch Happy Feet in the Great America Action Theater. The theme park is scheduled to open for its 41st season the last weekend of March 2016.

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