Google Acquires Jibe Mobile

Google publicized that it is obtaining Jibe. The mobile team will be helping set up the Rich Communication Services for the Android operating system.

In a post specifying its guarantee to the new Rich Communication Services standard of messaging, Google's Android RCS Software Engineer and Minister of Messaging Mike Dodd states that as part of Google's promise, the company also was very enthusiastic to broadcast that the Jibe Mobile team is joining to help bring RCS worldwide. Jibe is a chief supplier of RCS services and they will carry on serving carriers deploy RCS to their users. Google cannot wait to work together with them and build on the great efforts that Jibe has already done.

For those who are unacquainted, RCS is a new custom for carrier-based messaging that features group chats, high-resolution photo sharing, and more. As per Google, mobile messaging is deteriorating behind up-to-date messaging applications like as Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Hike, and Telegram. Nevertheless, RCS is aimed to develop that provision. Google has already combined with mobile operatives and device creators to set up the provision and is already working meticulously with many of its associates on executing RCS, and looking forward to developing the RCS system hand in hand. The company though has not given a timeframe as of the moment to when it plans to convey the SMS service replacement to Android.

Jibe Mobile CEO Amir Sarhangi deep-rooted the procurement by stating it on the company's web page. Jibe mobile is a company established in 2006. Its hopes and dreams came true with the declaration that they have been assimilated by Google. The chance Jibe saw at the start is to transform the way people connect using mobile phones.

As cited, the carrier-based SMS provision has seen a collapse ever since internet-based messenger services showed up. Nevertheless, the service is still being utilized for receiving traffic alerts, train timing alerts, activating or deactivating mobile internet, and more.

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