Pokemon Sues Pokefan for $4000

The Pokémon Company has commanded $4000 in compensations from a fan who advertised a Pokémon-themed party. Legal representatives for company communicated with Ramar Larkin Jones from Seattle, after the fan had planned a Pokémon-themed bash on Facebook.

Ramar's advertisement featured pocket monster mascot Pikachu and Snivy. He hurriedly negated the affair titled the Fifth Annual Unofficial PAX Pokémon Kickoff Party, in reaction to the legal issues. However, The Pokémon Company has continued to claim he pay the price.

Not having $4000, Jones asked for help from the Pokémon community. In three days, his GoFundMe drive has raised up the needed money.

His fundraising page reads that he is being sued by Pokémon the day before the PAX party, without even a cease and desist, which was totally unexpected. The Pokémon Company wants him to pay a fine of $4000, which at that time he does not have.

Jones told Pokémon that he would pay it over a year and the company denied the notion. They want the fee within the next 45 days. He only works in a cafeteria, and literally, he cannot accumulate $4000 in 45 days.

It was the first time Jones had come across any confrontation to the unofficial event, regardless of it being held yearly since 2011. He has also asserted that he stood to make a loss on the said event, as he did every year. Ticket fees were set at $2 to help with the event's host and the cosplay prizes.

The court case grumbles that the defendants have incorporated overstepping reproductions of Pikachu and Snivy into their 5th Annual Unofficial Pokémon PAX Kickoff Party event poster and are displaying it publicly.

The defendants boast that the said event will feature among other things, Pokémon-themed shots and drinks, Smash Bros. Tournament with cash prizes, Cosplay Contest and more. After this dispute, Jones stated that he will never throw another fandom party again.

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