Mattel And Google Team Up To Make VR Kid-Friendly

Google and Mattel's mission to make a kid-friendly virtual reality has arrived. The joint project will be known as the View-Master.

Apparently, Mattel is sketching on the product influence of the stereoscopic model first launched 76 years ago, heaping on parents and grandparents to recollect about how cool 3-D gives the impression back then.

Earlier this year, toy manufacturer Mattel and Google entered a partnership that resulted in a hi-tech form of the old View-Master. If parents want to give their children an edge over the other kids in terms of tech toys, they might be delighted to know that in about 8 months, the View-Master VR headset will finally be available for purchase.

The console is set a price at $30, and content packages which will be produced by National Geographic and NASA will be sold independently opening at $15 each. The VR headset is anticipated to be on the rampage over the next few days where it will arrive at retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us, although accessibility will only be online first before it makes its way to retail stores.

For those who never had the chance of playing with the original version View-Master, it was launched 76 years ago. Basically, the device looked like goggles where children could slot in a variety of picture reels, click the button, and view imageries through the headset. In some ways, this could be seen as a very low-tech type of VR back in the day.

Now with many corporations clearly investing on VR to be the next big thing in technology, the View-Master's comeback seems to announce the resurgence of an old toy with a new twist. Mattel states that its View-Master should hit the stores in the coming days. At the moment, the only online merchant showing the View-Master in stock is Walmart, but this may change over the next few days.

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