Apple Approves Ad Blocker App That Blocks Ads Even In Native Apps

Apple has already approved ad blocker app AdBlock, to be supported by iOS 9. The company is thinking that this is for the best interest of users who are constantly annoyed of ads that just pop out every time.

Google has taken  similar steps. Some have raised eyebrows on the tech giants'move, because this means that it will generate less revenues from the ads. 

Now, Apple has again approved an ad blocking app, called Been Choice. According to Tech Crunch, the ad blocking app blocks advetisements that can be found even in Apple's native apps. Whereas other such apps prevent ads from mobile apps from constantly popping out, Been Choice reaches out up to Apple's own News app and even Facebook. Blocking ads in native apps, especially in News, seems to go against the best interest of the company.

According to International Business Times UK, the app has been released to the app store last week. It offers users two modes: the Earn Mode and the Block Mode. The Earn mode promises prizes for users who are asked to participate in surveys. The feature is what Tech Crunch calls a "bad fit" for the app, since the app supposedly promotes privacy of data. The Block mode, on the other hand, gives users two options: to block ads in Safari only or to block in Safari and other apps in the device.

The app is created by Dave Yoon and Sang Shin, former colleagues at McKinsey & Co. The app aims to let users enjoy an ad-free experience in using their devices and apps. This means, however, that content publishers and app developers will have to compromise with the new app. Perhaps a concern for the users is the survey feature of Been Choice, which Yoon dismisses, as he claims that the app does not store user data.

Since the release of the iOS 9, Apple has made news in approving ad blocking app AdBlock, which has been reported to approach the company's rivals. This is to pay them to implement the 'acceptable ads model,' in which ads that are on the app's whitelist are still able to appear in other devices, apps and sites. 

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