Cisco Disrupts Ransomware Operation

Cisco has messed up a worldwide exploit kit. The hacking tool was stealing roughly $30 million annually via high-profile ransomware campaigns and malicious advertising.

Exploit toolkits are software sets that take benefit of weaknesses for the sole purpose of spreading malicious software, often targeting plug-ins, browsers, and programs that a web site can use through the browser. The Angler Exploit Kit is one of the biggest exploit toolkits seen in the market, and the Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group of Cisco was able to take away about half of Angler's income flow.

During its investigation, Cisco discovered that a huge amount of Angler movement was fixated with a single hosting provider, Limestone Networks. Cisco operated with the Dallas-based firm to collect some previously unfamiliar discernment.

Stephen Lynch of OpenDNS divulged that Talos cooperated with Limestone Networks to get a hold of live disk imageries of the Angler servers. This partnership certified Talos researchers to witness the attack operations in stroke, giving valuable data not only on how Angler concealed their actions from security investigators but on how they designed their groundwork to guarantee supreme efficacy.

CTO Dan Hubbard of OpenDNS stated that using proxy servers like this is not unusual, but it makes common sense. The society is seeing felons accumulate these urbane proxy networks so they can gauge linearly, much like a content delivery network or a real web amenity. Not only can any of these proxies be shut off without disrupting service but it permits them to muddle their true setup. While people may consider that the proxy is the control and command center, it is actually not. The server is just a middleman in-between the proxy servers and the actual control and command server.

As an outcome, Cisco's blow is a momentous takedown to the evolving hacker society where malvertising, malwares, ransomware and the black market sale of stolen IP addresses, credit card information and personally identifiable information are producing millions of dollars annually.

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