Lumo Run Smart Shorts Whip Runners Into Shape

From the makers who brought the Lumo Lift posture corrector, the designers introduces Lumo Run. It is a pair of smart shorts that give runners real-time routine response.

The 9-axis built-in smart sensor observes and notifies users on their running styles. Lumo Run can also help to increase distance and speed and avoid injuries.

Marathon runner and clinical biomechanist Rebecca Shultz states that inappropriate posture go together with by training faults is the number one cause runners get hurt. The smart shorts will be a prized tool for runners far and wide. Shultz also believes it will aid progress the analysis of running biometrics.

A personal running instructor for the posterior zone of the body, the smart shorts feature continuous biomechanical measurement of stride length, ground-contact time, cadence and pelvic rotation. The machine-washable drawers synchronize with a smartphone application, which will supplement audio tips to aid runners develop their form.

Lumo Bodytech CEO Monisha Perkash stated that there presently is no alternative for self-motivated runners to simply and reasonably record their running efficiency and performance. Perkash added that she is also a runner and understands the necessity to help daily runners avoid being injured and get the best possible style to achieve objectives. The Lumo Run can help runners when a trainer is not available to help push running styles to the next level, or it can also be used with a coach to guide training.

Fashioned in partnership with sports biomechanics specialists at The Loughborough University of England, the apparel gives avid runners with laboratory-level response.

Loughborough's Dr. Jonathan Folland stated that the University's new scientific research has unveiled a number of vital metrics of running method that distinguish faster and more well-organized runners, which was beforehand anonymous.

The clothing line will begin delivery at the end of March 2016. The Lumo Run apparel will regularly sell for $149 for men's shorts and $169 for women's capris.

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