Google Launches Delhi Public Transport Offline In India

Google has been continuously pushing its efforts in India. The search engine giant started first with its plans to bring Wi-Fi access to the country's 400 rail stations, and now, the new 'experimental' public transport app seeks to address traveling issues and commuting in the country.

Google still has its mapping service to provide details on public transport and transit options around the world. But the new Delhi Public Transport Offline app is Mountain View's first every city-specific app to provide details on a city level to travelers.

As its name suggests, the Delhi Public Transport Offline app provides directions and timetable data for buses and metros in New Delhi even when the user is not connected online. This would come handy for someone on a limited data plan or on spotty signal reception as they would still have access to information they might require during their travels.

The app will utilize the same Transit data used by DMRC metro, DTC buses, DIMTS buses and Gurgaon Rapid Metro, but the Android-exclusive app is limited only to Delhi residents and visitors alike.

Google's city-specific app features quite a resemblance to Citymapper - a transport navigation app widely used in a number of cities around the world. Through the device's GPS, the users would not need internet connectivity and can see where they are on their travels in real time. They can also check out where they can get an internet connection with the app.

Similar to Citymapper, users can also download their favorite destinations so that they can easily access it when needed. When connected to the internet, the app will provide news and delays on the city transport.

Google's plan to use its technology to move forward the technology and address the issues in emerging markets have proved to be useful. Hopefully, the company will be bringing more into the tablet in the future.

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