Yahoo And NHL Ban Employees From Fantasy Sports Sites

Yahoo and NHL are forbidding their employees to play fantasy sports affiliated to their companies. This memorandum will take effect to ensure that their personnel are not cheating on the regulations by using access to delicate information to take advantage on other fantasy sports sites.

Fantasy hockey enthusiasts or buffs of Microsoft Excel who deal with their fantasy hockey-loving networks a slice of their prizes for entree to a complex catalog of player stats and forecasts would be quite disappointed. For those who work at Yahoo or the NHL, they have been deleted from the rising trend that is money-making for some, and quite annoying for everyone else.

The move by NHL and Yahoo follows accounts from this past week that a staff member of one of two of the larger fantasy sports networks, namely, DraftKings and FanDuel, used inside statistics to win $350,000 in fantasy sports games.

Yahoo is devoted to working all of its merchandises with veracity and always wants to guarantee that the games are impartial to all of their users. At present, Yahoo personnel are not permitted to play fantasy sports in paid public competitions. The company has decided to lengthen its regulations to include paid public tournaments on all daily fantasy sports sites.

As for DraftKings and FanDuel, both have since forbidden their workforces from playing in fantasy sports for cash. According to CEO Jason Robins of DraftKings, the operative in question who won such a large amount from FanDuel did not have access to any inside figures that might have given him an advantage over other players.

Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman has hurled an authorized probe into both sites' corresponding business practices that consist of a demand for the names of personnel who handle what could be considered complex or beneficial information. In the complaint, Adam Johnson asserts that both DraftKings and FanDuel misrepresent their competitions as impartial, since their workforces have access to statistics that gives a major lead when playing competitions in other fantasy sports sites.

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