DJI's Osmo Stabilizes 4K Shots

DJI has come up with a new robotic selfie stick. The gadget is equipped with a 4K camera called the Osmo with a motorized three-axis gimbal that retains shots perfectly.

DJI has developed an ultra-high-definition camera known as the Osmo that can mix up some of the state-of-the-art technology the company uses in its surveillance drones. The robotic selfie stick costs $650, which is very much expensive for a Christmas present.

The gadget's robotic arm is made up of a three-axis motorized gimbal. Though the robotic arm may sound like it is very difficult to use, the selfie stick is a lot simpler than what one would think of. There is a push button made available on the Osmo to focus the camera where the users want it to. As the Osmo is versatile in movements, the gimbal keeps the shot stabilized. If users would like to get in the picture, they can tap the trigger three times to have it spin around and take a video or picture instead.

Other features on the Osmo are its capabilities to take stable panoramic pictures. The Automatic Panorama mode creates 360° panoramic shots which look cooler than ever. Putting the Osmo above head level and tap the shutter speed, the gadget will spin on command seizing imageries as it goes while staying completely stable. The motorized arm comes in handy for when long-exposures are needed.

The Osmo is made available with a smartphone holder so users can precisely see with ease what the device is taking aim of, and it uses Wi-Fi connections between the robotic camera and the smartphone. Users can also take advantage of its application to preview what they are shooting and can switch between the gadget's hi-tech modes and even send the command movements to the camera's robotic arm.

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