Recent Leaks Suggest That The HTC Aero Borrows The iPhone 6 Design Language

Apple has easily secured its position in the tech industry since the Macintosh days of old. With Chinese rip-offs of Cupertino's prized gems coming out left and right, Apple has cemented the fact that its designs are simply eye-catching.

Clearly evident with the first wave of iPod fakes that can be bought for measly sums of cash, even more so with fake iPhones that just can't nail the user experience right since its first generation, Apple's products have definitely garnered mass attention. This is where the rumoured HTC One A9, also known as Aero, makes a direct adoption of Cupertino's iPhone 6's design language as suggested by the recent leaks.

Based on the leaks that have recently surfaced, the HTC One A9 shockingly carries the exact design of the iPhone 6. It features the identical edges and antenna of Apple's iPhone 6, although there are major differences such as the placements of the camera and the LED flash, as we as the company's name replacing the bitten apple at the back.

Of course, since these are only leaks and there are no official announcements from HTC as of yet, it's best to take the rumour with a grain of salt. However, if the leaks hold true, HTC may have a lawsuit on its hands when the Aero launches.

Underneath the uncanny resemblance, the HTC Aero is expected to have flagship caliber specs. A smartphone with a 5.5-inch display, 4GB of RAM, and a 10-core MediaTek processor is definitely no slouch when it comes to the flagship race. But again, there are still no official announcements from HTC, so a word of caution is advised.

HTC has not made a stellar year. Its flagship did not make it to mainstream success as compared with the likes of supercharged Android counterparts such as Samsung's S6 and S6 edge, and LG's G4. However, the world still has high hopes for the Taiwanese company that kicked off the Android race with the T-Mobile G1.

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