Google Testing Delivery Drones For US

Google has managed to register unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in the United States, despite the regulations established by the FAA. The Project Wing by Google X is a concept in collaboration with NASA to take "deliveries."

The Project Wing is a concept made by Google presented with a distinctive approach on delivery drones. Despite the company's testing on Australian territory, the plan did not work due to Australian rules and regulations.

Google X Project Head Astro Teller states that that company is working on new drones, known as the B3 and M2, and have already made its way to the Federal Aviation Administration and has already been registered in the United States Government.

Apparently, Google X got loopholes from FAA rules and regulations with regard to flying drones. It seems that Google is working with NASA to test the drones in secret in remote areas in California. It also looks like Google plans to make its efforts legitimate by way of registering drone documents, so as to test its UAVs for recreation and non-recreation purposes in US grounds.

It is reasonable to assume that the Google X Project Wing drones are still in the works, given the names of B3 and M2 rather than those confusing serial numbers. Beyond what is known, there are other concerns from the drone documents submitted by Google to the FAA that is confidential. The drones are registered in Google's Colorado office in Boulder. Both drones weigh less than 55 pounds with fixed wings and 2 electric propellers. Using its electric engines, it can gain speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and can take off and land vertically.

There are plans to update Google X's Project Wing in the future and the company will be unveiling its intentions very soon in public. The concept is connected to Project Titan, which is a concept designed to deploy Internet access and collect extensive information while airborne. 

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