Dongle Turns TV To Electric Jukebox

The Electric Jukebox is set to invade people's television this Holiday Season. With a dongle that plugs in to television sets, folks can turn their quiet living rooms easily into a party venue.

Debuting this Holiday Season, streaming music will gatecrash into people's houses all hail to a device that transforms television sets into music-streaming electric jukebox. The dongle plugs into television's HDMI ports. With Wi-Fi connection, it will give people access to a lot of music channels that lets people either sing, dance, or simply just listen to it.

The jukebox comes in a package with a remote control with a built-in mic for voice recognition. This enables its users to scan and scout streaming music via their television sets either using it the conventional way or through voice activation.

Regularly, a Premium Music Pass would cost US$60 for a one-year subscription. With the electric jukebox set up, this comes for free, but an installation device costs US$229.

The Jukebox will switch to freebies with advertisements once the Premium Pass expires. Unless owners pay for another one-year premium subscription, users will experience pop-up ads, which could be very annoying at times, and limited streaming music.

Talents like Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow, Stephen Fry, and Alesha Dixon have been used by Electric Jukebox to be custodians of the service. These personalities are sure to pop up once in a while as these folks use their premium subscription.

Musician Sheryl Crow states that listening to music and sharing it together is what matters in life. With the technology now that is out in the market, people tend to forget those kind of experiences and has somehow lost it in oblivion.

The provision is easy to use compared to Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming music apps out there. Just plug the dongle, turn the TV on, connect the Wi-Fi, and play music.

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