August Adds A Smart Doorbell

From the makers of the Smart Lock Systems, August unleashes its Smart Doorbell. It features a high-definition camera with live stream functions, a 140-degree view field and a two-way talk system.

August, along with Yves Behar, first introduced in public a second-generation lock system compatible with Apple's HomeKit. With it, a keypad accessory for the smart lock that connects to Wi-Fi for people who does not want, or know how, to pair their smartphones with the device.

Also, August divulged a new gadget called the Doorbell Cam which costs $200 with Wi-Fi video capabilities. Both Doorbell and Doorbell Cam will be available at retailers like Amazon and BestBuy in the next 2 months. Although the startup company says that the technology will be unleashed in the upcoming future, the said home technology is now available in the United States.

For the record, August was not the first in the smart doorbell category. Other adversaries include the DoorBot, Ring, Doorbird, and SkyBell.

While these competitors are different in terms of design and video resolutions, they all share the same function. All come with built-in cameras to let people see who is in their front doors or on their gates via their smartphones. All of these models have already achieved some degree of success in the market.

On the other hand, DoorBot had serious issues with video quality and buffering. Ring was better, but its high-definition 720p video did not perform well as it had troubles with net connections. SkyBell was the standout among the two competitors as it allowed live streaming and other advanced technologies, but a good technician is needed to wire it properly, making it expensive to have.

The August Doorbell Cam has an MFi chip on board. It also has HomeKit pairing capabilities. One can just talk to Siri, if in any case they want to access their security cameras installed on the Doorbell.

The Doorbell system has an upcoming cloud-based video clip storage subscription. It is expected to be available within the next four to eight weeks in retail stores in the US.

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